With the utmost efficient deployment of our manufacturing resources, Boston Plastics are well capable of providing plastics solutions needs to support products requiring injection molding machine clamping force of 30 tons to 850 tons.

Offering services as well on related secondary process, Boston Plastics houses a different mix of finishing equipments such as Hot-foil, Silk-screen, Pad Print, Ultrasonic Welding, and Heat-staking for post processing carried out after plastics injection molding. Single or Double component, UV and High-gloss painting, Doming, Chroming or even Mechanical parts assembly, are all part of the value-added chain of service we can provide.

Quality focuses are also being places in our production work-flow from 100% visual checking on-line by trained operators to fit and functional testing conducted. Coupled with a strong process and engineering team support upfront, all of our manufacturing equipments and customer’s tools will be kept on regular maintenance programs in keeping commitment on deliveries dates made by our customer service executives are met.

Shanghai, China Manufacturing facilities


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